Remember the saying ‘manage your time, or it will manage you’? It is never more true than during exam time. How well you manage your time during exams can reduce your stress greatly. To manage your time effectively, work out your weekly schedule, and then plan your each day out in small blocks.

When you are working out your timetable make sure you are specific. Don’t put down your timings as Maths: 2 hours, instead for maximum effectiveness, slot it as Maths: 5 pm-7 pm. Make sure you commit to the exact timings or you will end up being behind schedule. It is also important to draw up your schedule as per your strengths. If you are a morning person, slot your toughest subjects for morning. Make sure you take a short break after 45 minutes of intense concentration. Give yourself a small 15 minute break to refresh yourself. Take your time off but don’t go overboard, don’t waste time on unnecessary internet surfing or TV watching because it can interrupt your concentration flow. Stick to your schedule and you will have an easy exam time without having to hit the panic button!

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