Nerves are frazzled, anxiety at an all time high and you are biting your nails as you head into the exam room. Ensure that you have put in all the required stationery in order, the previous night rather than going through a last minute rush. Also, do not forget to place your hall ticket in your bag. Consume light food during your exams so that it does not overload the system. Do not waste your time by answering unnecessary phone calls. Set your priorities for studies.

If you are worried that you have forgotten everything or that you do not remember an important chapter, then don’t worry, because all the hard work that you have put in earlier will see you through the exam time. Put yourself in a positive frame of mind by having conversations with friends and loved ones. Make sure you reach your centre well before time. Do take your parents or a loved one with you to the exam center as this will diffuse the tension. You can also listen to inspiring or soothing music when you are on your way to the exam. Before you step into the exam hall, make sure you are calm and hydrate yourself with a glass of water.

Read through your own notes rather than frantically going over your textbooks. Do use proper breathing techniques in an anxiety situation like exams for relaxing your mind. Proper sleep & nutrition are a must during exams. Make sure you sleep well the day before and don’t forget to eat a nutritious breakfast with plenty of carbohydrates, since they are Brain foods. Follow these simple suggestions and face your exam with a calm, relaxed mind. Do ask for positive energy from the Almighty. All the Best, students!!!


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